Tara Faulmann


Hi there, I'm Tara!

I'm a Family Therapist, Certified Nutrition Coach, fitness loving former college athlete, wellness advocate, autoimmune overcomer, sarcastic sense of humor, tell it like it is but with love, super science research nerd, outdoor loving, margarita sipping, teen boy mama!
My mission is to help YOU move from that stuck place you're in to the healthy, vibrant, balanced life you want and deserve!

The No Nonsense Wellness Podcast

Cut the BS and tune in to what will REALLY help you uncover what's sabotaging your weight loss, health, and wellness. 
We’ll explore healthy, lasting weight loss, nutrition, fitness, habits, your emotions, your thoughts and mindset,  your relationships, and all the other parts of YOU. I want to hold your hand as you transform into the total badass you TRULY are. 
 It's time to get REAL friends, let's Grow!

Must  haves

FREE Resources for getting unstuck and moving forward in your health and wellness journey

Break Free

5 Simple Shifts to Jumpstart Your Health

If you feel like you've been spinning your wheels and not making the progress you want, grab this workbook and make some simple but powerful shifts.


3 Strategies to Overcome Stress Eating

This workbook will walk you through 3 simple strategies to stop reaching for food in stressful and emotional situations and take back control. 

Make It Happen

How to Set Goals & Actually Achieve Them

Grab this FREE workbook where I'll walk you through my fool-proof goal setting system so that you'll finally set the RIGHT goals AND accomplish them! 

The Last  "Diet"  You'll Ever Need

Healthy Mind, Healthy Body Program

Self- Paced Course

If you're tired of trying to stick to diets you hate, tired of stress and comfort eating, tired of beating yourself up for "failing" again, tired of hating your body, and tired of being stuck, you're in the right place!
This course will help you figure out what works for YOU, address not just WHAT you eat, but WHY, and you'll create healthy habits that will last a lifetime. Finally, you can ditch the yo-yo dieting, take back control, and achieve FOOD FREEDOM!

Feel the Wellness

The products I recommend to my clients, family and friends on their wellness journey.