Discover how to take back control over food so you can lose weight & get healthy for good, WITHOUT any more restrictive diets!

With Nutrition and Wellness Coach, 
Tara Faulmann, MFT, PNL1


make a change? 

The HEALTHY MIND HEALTHY BODY PROGRAM is for anyone who is tired of trying to stick to diets they hate.  Tired of the stress and comfort eating. Tired of beating yourself up for "failing" again. Tired of hating your body. Tired of feeling stuck.
And READY to take back control of your mind, your body, and your life.

Healthy mind Healthy body Program




Rewire your thinking about food and health, and reprogram your mind for success. Learn how to:
  • set goals and achieve them
  • take control of your thoughts and emotions
  • be kinder to yourself and learn to respect and appreciate your body
  • overcome emotional eating for good
  • create new, healthy, lasting habits
  • ditch the diet mentality and take control over food



Reprogram your body through small incremental changes.  Learn how to:
  •  get healthy and lose weight in a way that works around YOUR life.  
  • listen to your body and fuel it accordingly
  • make the right food choices for YOU, no counting, no tracking, no cutting your favorite foods
  • move your body more from love not punishment
  • understand metabolism, food, supplements, toxins, gut health and more.


"Why doesn't my body just work the way it's supposed to?"
"I know what I SHOULD do, but why can't I just do it?"
"Why do I keep eating like this? 
"Why do I sometimes feel so out of control around food?"
"Why can't I just stick to a diet?"
"I'm so tired of starting over"
I know, I felt that way too!

Stuck, Frumpy, Tired, Overwhelmed

That pretty much summed up my 30's 😂 Can you relate? After 2 pregnancies I felt like my body was wrecked, and after being diagnosed with an auto immune disorder, it WAS wrecked. 
I tried every diet but couldn't "stick" to them, honestly I was tired of dieting and didn't really WANT to stick to them! I found myself mindlessly munching on the kids macaroni instead of making myself a meal.   I went to the gym to "punish" my body into submission resulting in chronic injury and chronic fatigue. It seemed like the harder I tried, the worse things got.  I was discouraged, stressed, tired, and stuck.  The things I used to do to lose weight didn't work anymore.
there's a better way . . . 

What You'll Learn

The Healthy Mind, Healthy Body Program is a self-paced coaching course that will teach you how to reset your mind, and body. Each lesson focuses on learning and incorporating a new healthy habit and skill.  Each module has several worksheets, trackers, and tools to help you along your way.  

MODULE 1 - The Lifestyle Quick Start

No plan or program you try will work long term unless you get these 3 basics down. They help your body maintain happy hormones, reduce stress, improve immune function and more.  You probably already know these 3 are important but how often are you consistently sleeping enough, drinking enough water, and moving your body? Ya I thought so. I'll give you all the tools, and strategies to FINALLY get these managed consistently.     

  • Hydration Master
  • Sleep Hygiene
  • Movement                                                                                                     

MODULE 2 -  Healthy Mind

Diets never work long term because they don't address your relationships: with food, with your body, with your self, with others, with your life as a WHOLE. You deserve to feel in control of your mind, your emotions, and your relationship with food.  I'm going to give you the insight and tools to FINALLY understand WHY you do what you do, and how to reprogram your brain for success.

  • The Mindful Eating Method
  • Gratitude Growth and Goals
  • The Formula for Success
  • Overcoming Emotional Eating
  • Stress Management
  • Habit Hacking

MODULE 3 - Healthy Body

We've worked on the mind, now it's time to address how your body is functioning, (or lack of!) This module will focus on using nutrition to reset your body, balance blood sugar, balance hormones, and increase your energy. NOT on rules, counting, measuring or restricting.  When you feel better and are thinking clearer, everything gets easier! 

  • Why Diets Have Failed You
  • Nutrition 101 - Eating for Health and Happiness
  • Understanding Metabolism
  • The Keys to Gut Health
  • The Hidden Toxins that are Keeping You Stuck
  • Exercise

MODULE 4 - Bringing It All Together

You have now practiced and begun to master the skills that will allow you to have confidence around food, now it's time to trouble shoot.  So often we don't follow through to success because we are being sabotaged by those in our life, or we're getting in our own way! In this module you'll create YOUR plan for success and your plan to overcome the inevitable obstacles and struggles along the way. 

  • Getting Your People On Board
  • Overcoming Self-Sabotage
  • Creating YOUR Plan for Success

What You'll Get

You'll gain INSTANT access to:
The Healthy Mind, Healthy Body Program
  • 71 Lessons 
  • 13+ hours of video content
  • Over 200 pages of workbooks, tools, trackers, guides, and resources
  • all for just $199!

Diets have failed you .  .  .

Most women I talk to have been trying to stick to some sort of diet for most of their lives (like literally started dieting in middle school).  We’ve done this for SO LONG that we don’t even know how to eat without rules.

We keep signing up for the diet with all the “eat this, don’t eat that” restrictions, or we think we need a meal plan given to us, or worse we watch “what I eat in a day” videos on Instagram.  

We feel like (and you might just be realizing this now) that if we don’t have someone telling us what to do we don’t actually KNOW what to do!

Creating an understanding of both how your mind is sabotaging you, and how your choices are sabotaging your body 

And a diet can't teach you that. Diets only talk about HOW MUCH or WHAT to eat.  They don't address how to overcome emotional eating, or explore WHY you eat or how to repair your self esteem and self image. They don't address how your body has changed after kids and how it's working or not working. Diets aren't designed to work on the WHOLE you, all the parts of you and your life that ultimately determine your long term success.  

Real Clients, Real Transformation

"Tara's program and resources are really and truly like finding a friend in the journey. She is honest, accessible and relatable so you walk away feeling encouraged instead of deflated by one more program that is too much to follow. The challenge met me in the midst of 'weary homeschool mom' life and gave fresh breath and support. Thank you, Tara!"


Healthy Mind, Healthy Body
"This is an amazing program that helped me to realize that I have been utilizing excuses for too long. Tara (lovingly but firmly) makes you dig deep to understand your actions and thoughts while holding you accountable. No BS from!! Loved it!"


Healthy Mind, Healthy Body Client
"Tara is truly the REAL DEAL! When she says this is a "No Nonsense Wellness Program" she means it! Tara is honest, well versed in her field and is someone I can trust to the fullest when it comes to my overall health and well being. Love this girl to pieces! ."


Healthy Mind, Healthy Body Client

Meet your Coach!

Hi, I’m Tara! 
I'm a former therapist turned nutrition, health and wellness coach who helps women get OFF the diet roller-coaster and end stress and emotional eating.  
What started as a desire to heal my own crappy relationship with food, my relationship with my body, and an autoimmune disorder, turned into a mission to help other women achieve the same freedom I had found.  
Now I create and share the solutions that I wish I had, so that you can get lasting results way faster than I did.  
You deserve to feel amazing in your own skin, to feel healthy, vibrant, and energetic. You deserve the amazing, not just the good enough.  I want to show you how.💗 


Got Questions? 

Is this another diet?  No Way! There is no counting, measuring, food rules, points, good food/bad food, or any other diet nonsense.  This Program is a TOTALLY different approach to health, wellness, and weight loss.  The focus is on getting your Mind and Body to work better, and more optimally for long term success.  

How does the Program Work?   The Healthy Mind, Healthy Body Program is a one-time purchase and you'll have lifetime access to the program through your own login.                                                                                      

Will I lose weight?  If losing weight is what your body needs to get healthy, then yes, you'll likely lose weight.  Our goal is to help you finally find FOOD FREEDOM, create healthier habits, and embody a healthier lifestyle that will serve you in the long run.  This is not a "get skinny fast" program or crash diet so if that's what you're looking for this won't be a good fit.  This IS a "get healthy for good and never suffer through a joy stealing diet again" program.

What if I fall behind?   This is a self-paced course so you CAN'T fall behind! We all come into this program with different experiences, skills, strengths and struggles so this course is designed to go as fast or as slow as YOU need it to.  

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