6 Reasons You Should Hire a Health Coach This Year

6 Reasons You Should Hire
a Health Coach for 2023

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It's time to bring in the big guns!

And by big guns I mean ME 😂

When you're frustrated, you're not getting the results you want, you want to move faster, or you're not sure what to do next - you talk to an expert right? In my life I've hired personal trainers, business coaches, life coaches, therapists, etc. so that I could learn what I didn't know, figure out what was holding me back, and move forward faster.  A health and nutrition coach is the same!

When it comes to nutrition, health, or weight loss you've probably only looked to diets, books, Instagram, or google (or a good podcast 😉) to try and figure out what to do.  Your doctor said eat healthier and lose weight but didn't' give you much help beyond that.  There are a lot of good (and bad) resources out there, but if those strategies worked on their own you probably wouldn't be reading this right now!  There's a difference between knowing and understanding information, and actually implementing and acting on that information.  That's where a coach comes in.  Coaches take you from stuck in information overload to moving forward and making progress.  

To get a different result, you need to do something different.  You need a coach in your corner to personalize a plan for you, hold you accountable, and help you move forward faster.    Think of a health coach as a trainer, nutritionist, and life coach and in my case a therapist, all wrapped into one.  Don't you think you could figure out way more, WAAAAY faster with someone like that on your side!?

I want to be your coach in 2023.  But even if I'm not your person, please reach out to me because I know a lot of coaches and I'd love to help you find your person, because hiring a coach this year is going to finally be the game changer you've been looking for.  

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Show Notes & Transcript: 

Full Transcript: 

Welcome back, my friends, maybe the concept of a health and nutrition coach is new to you, you probably understand the idea of say hiring a personal trainer, right? You're going to the gym, you don't know what you're doing, you're not seeing any progress. So you decide I'm going to hire a fitness coach, AKA a personal trainer. Yes. Well, the idea of hiring a health coach is not much different than that. It makes sense. But most of us instead of hiring that coach, we just jump from diet to diet program to program crossing our fingers and hoping for the best. But if you're tired of not getting the results that you're after, it might be time to bring in the big guns, it might be time to hire a health coach. So in this episode, I'm going to outline six reasons why you should hire a health coach this year, so that this year, you finally have success. Let's go.

Welcome back to the no nonsense wellness podcast, the place for women who are trying to do all the things and stay healthy, sane and actually enjoy life in the process. Hey, I'm Tara, a trained therapist, a life coach, a nutrition coach and a fitness instructor. And I'm on a mission to help you take back control of your mind, health and life. Each week, I'll be cutting through the nonsense and getting real with you. I'll bring you the insight and information you need to take control of your weight and health. Find food freedom.

And finally break free from the thoughts that are sabotaging you and holding you back. You, my friend are powerful,

and the world needs you to start showing up in a bigger way. It's time to get unstuck and start moving forward. So let's pop in those earbuds, tie up those shoes, let's walk and talk.

Before we get started, obviously,

I am a health coach. I am a health and nutrition coach. And I would love to be your coach. So if you've been listening for a while, if you like what you hear, if you think you might want to work together with me, right now through midnight on December 31. The Healthy Mind Healthy Body program is 30% off. That is a stupid, crazy, insane, low price for you to be able to hire your very own health coach, I am doing that because I want this year to be your year. I want this year to be the year that everything changes for you. And I want to be the one who gets to help you go there. So if you want to work together this year, if you want to make change this year, if you want to finally move forward this year. If you want to quit dieting forever this year, then make sure you are on the email list. In the show notes. There's always links for the free workbooks. And for the newsletter, make sure that you are receiving emails from me check your emails, because that is where the 30% off code we'll be. If you have any questions, let me know. But make sure you're checking your email so you can get that code for 30% off the Healthy Mind Healthy Body program. 

Okay, so let's talk about then what health coaching is, and why you're gonna want to hire a health coach this year. So when you don't know how to do something, you hire a professional to teach you right? Like in my life, I've hired coaches, mentors, teachers, trainers, therapists, all to teach me what I don't know. And the reason I do that is because I want them to fast track my progress, right. For example, when I started a podcast, I could have spent months and months like googling stuff and watching YouTube videos and figuring out all the parts and pieces and kind of hobbling the whole thing together that may or may not have worked, I could have spent the time and figured it out on my own. I didn't want to, I wanted someone to teach me so I could learn so I could just implement, right? So I hired a coach, I bought a program and I hired a coach. And in less than a month I had a podcast up and running. We're all capable of quote unquote figuring it out, right. But when you hire someone who's already been there, done that you're gonna make progress so much faster. And the same is true for your health and for your nutrition and for your wellness. That's what a nutrition and health coach like me does. We help you get success faster, and we help you get it in a more sustainable way. So if you've struggled for a long time going on and off diets trying this program in that program, but nothing seems to work long term, wasting tons of time trying to figure it out yourself is not working. So may I propose fit, it might be time to hire a coach. 

Let's talk about why you might want to hire a coach and what advantage there might be for you. The first reason is that with a coach, you get a much more individualized plan. There's no such thing as a one size fits all diet, but that's what we're all constantly trying to do. There is no diet that takes into account your specific health status, any illnesses, you're dealing with your lifestyle, your stressors, your relationships, etc, etc, all the parts of you. So for example, as a health coach, I would have very different advice and very different conversations with someone who is a long haul trucker, trying to get healthy than I would with, say, a stay at home mom who's trying to get healthy, what we work on is going to be very different. If I'm talking to a postmenopausal woman who is starting her second career, that conversation is going to be a lot different than talking to a 20 Something college student, right? There's going to be different needs, there's going to be different challenges, and we're going to have different strategies and approaches, yet diets and all their rules and all their restrictions claim to work for everyone, when that's just simply impossible. The Healthy Mind Healthy Body Program is a framework that we get to individualize for each person, because different clients come in with different strengths, different weaknesses, different experiences, different skill levels, right, I might have one client come in, and she's not even drinking her water yet. Like she's not even getting the water. And so we're gonna start there with her, I might have someone else come in, who eats healthy and is working out but can't quite seem to get past the emotional eating and the stress eating part. And that's what a health coach gets to do really figure out what's going to work for you. 

The second thing that a health coach is really going to help out with is showing you your blind spots. The most powerful thing that my own coaches have done for me and taught me over the years is all the places that I get in my own way. Because we all have blind spots, we just don't know what we don't know. So a good coach is going to come in and offer you a very different perspective on your issues and you're stuck spots, and is really going to open up possibilities that you probably wouldn't have been able to see otherwise. And being able to be shown what I can't see for myself, that's worth the price of admission. That's been the biggest gift that any of my coaches and trainers and mentors have shown me the stuff that I just simply couldn't see on my own, we tend to get really stuck in our patterns of thought and our patterns of behavior, and we just can't see past them. So as a coach, not only am I going to help you see your stuck spots in a different way in a different light. But I also get to then help you know what to do to overcome them and how to coach yourself through them in the future. A good coach is always going to have the goal of putting themselves out of business. I want you to get so good at coaching yourself that you don't need me anymore. That is my goal in coaching. My goal is not to just be like, here's your plan, good luck, check in with me in a week. know our plan together is that you get so good at understanding this and implementing these things for yourself, that you literally can fire me, you don't need me anymore, you can coach yourself. 

The other thing that a coach is going to help you with the third point here is a good coach is going to help you make forward progress and also stick to long term changes. So health and nutrition coaching is not about quick fixes. Or at least the good coaches aren't some coaches out there that I see on social media are a little questionable. But good health coaching is not about quick fixes. It's about long term solutions. And it's really interesting because it's kind of paradoxical. In coaching, I am going to tell you almost make you slow down so that you can speed up. And that's a really important point. Most of us want the end now, we want what we want right now I want to lose 20 pounds right now. And when we have that mentality, we choose the quick fixes. And those work at first until they don't. And coaching is going to flip that on its head and I'm going to say whoa, whoa, whoa, slow down. First, let's get the fundamentals down. And then when we move on all that's going to come really fast. So let me give you an example. In healthy mind, healthy body, we almost always start with the three basics. And then we move into healthy mind. Those are the fundamentals. 

We don't even talk about food at first, whenever I'm giving interventions, those first interventions hardly ever have anything to do with food. Because if I get the basics down for you, if we get the fundamentals down, if we really build that foundation of the three basics and healthy mind strategies first, then when we start talking about healthy body, which is food and exercise and how your body is physically working, when we start talking about that our progress is just x elevated, we just move so much faster and see so much results so quickly, because we've already laid a solid foundation. So slowing down to speed up diets are temporary fixes for a long term problem. Health Coaching is a long term fix for a long term problem. So when we get stuck in this yo yo diet stuff, right, we go to the short term solution, it works and then we quit and then it stops working, then we have to go back on it, etc, etc. To Infinity coaching is a long term fit. We focus on changing habits, we focus on changing patterns of behavior and patterns of thought, so that those changes that you're making stick long term. 

The fourth thing that a coach is going to really make the difference for you on is accountability. So let's face it, we are way more likely to do something if we have to report back to someone and you know, that's true. My house gets the cleanest before I'm having company over, I will work out more consistently, if there is a trainer who is monitoring me and I have to report back to them, I will get more done in my business. If I have a boss or a business coach that I am reporting back to this is not something that's like wrong with us, you're not a horrible person. If this is you, you're not lazy or undisciplined. It's just human nature. It's just who we are. As humans, if we have a health and weight loss goal, you know, then that you are way more likely to do the stuff if someone is holding you accountable. If you have to report back in a week and say what you did or did not do and why you are way more likely to do the thing. And that's what a health coach is there for to hold your hand and hold you accountable. A health coach is there to call you on your BS excuses and your crappy, unhelpful stories. And really challenge you to get past them and to step up and give you the tools to do that a diet a book, that girl online, none of those things are going to provide the level of accountability that a coach can and we take it one step further and healthy mind healthy body because we have a membership. So not only are you working with me, but you are also in the membership with other ladies who are working on the same stuff. And the ladies will keep each other accountable your other peers in that membership will help keep you accountable. So there's a lot of people that are gonna give you high fives and are gonna give you swift kicks in the butt. And those are two things that all of us need on a regular basis. 

The fifth thing that a health coach is going to help you with is troubleshooting, because inevitably you're going to come up against some roadblocks. When you learn something new, you need help, you are going to have a lot of questions, there's going to be concepts that are hard to understand, there's going to be things that are difficult to put in action, we are going to come up against some things that feel like roadblocks and you're not going to be sure how to overcome them. So the ability to talk that through with someone is a huge benefit of having a coach. So for example, if you're learning strategies for making healthy meals, then you're probably going to have some questions about well, how do I tailor this to my family or my schedule or my dietary needs? A health coach is there to answer those questions for you. Maybe you're learning how to stop stress eating but you need some creative solutions, because this particular situation just keeps catching you up and you just can't get past it. A health coach is there to help you work through strategies for that when you have a coach, you get to troubleshoot, you get to ask questions, you get to really develop a strategy that's just for you. So again, the one size fits all is never going to work. You need to be able to troubleshoot and come up with solutions that fit your life and your needs and what you're trying to do. A health coach is there for that a health coach is there to help you get past the setbacks and the roadblocks. 

And the last reason and probably the biggest reason that you might want to hire a coach this year is that a good nutrition coach and health coach is going to help you look at your total wellness. So all the parts of you, a health coach is really going to look at the big picture your relationships, your stressors, your job, your sleep, your movement, your illnesses, digestion, toxins, hormones, on and on and on, right all the parts of you. We cannot segment all these things. They are all contributing to the health story that is you. A diet might address what you eat or how much you eat, but it doesn't have much capacity to help you understand why you're eating or why you're not losing fat or why you have trouble exercising or why you're struggling with emotional eating. A health coach is going to look at the total package that is you and help you figure out the whys and what to do about them. A diet is not going to help you uncover that your tendency to sneak food is actually because of shame and fear of judgment. A diet is not going to help you understand the relationship between your stress and your inability to lose fat. A diet is not going to help you see that giving in to cravings is actually a fizzy illogical response to the food you're eating and not a willpower issue, a diet is not going to tell you how to adjust your lifestyle so that you can heal from chronic illness. A diet is not going to tell you why every single food seems to upset your digestive system. 

All of these things are things that you get to ask a health coach and troubleshoot and figure out and look at the total package of you. Let me give you an example. Because I like examples I like I like real life example. So I had a client, and she was realizing that every time her husband was out of town was when a an eating episode would happen. And so a diet would say, we'll just, you know, eat healthy food and, like make better choices, we'll share it a bit was making really good choices. She always already ate really healthy, but she couldn't figure out why this was happening. And so as a health coach, I got to help her figure out and make the connection between her feelings, her emotions, her husband being gone, what was going on in her head, what her thoughts were, write all the pieces so that she could overcome that eating behavior. That's so important. That's so important that you have someone to talk to about those things, to ask questions of, to get a different set of eyes on to get to a new perspective on to see things in a way that you can't see them. Because you're stuck there. A health coach is so so important for helping you work through all of that stuff, the total package of you, health is not just what you're eating, or how much you're eating, or how much you're exercising, health and wellness is every single facet of you every part of your life. And so as a health coach, I get to help you work on all of that. 

I hope you can see that the same old diet strategy is going to keep giving you the same old results. If you want something different this year, it's time to consider working with a coach working with a health and wellness and nutrition coach is like working with a trainer and a nutritionist and a life coach and in my case, a therapist all wrapped into one. And of course I want to be your coach, I hope that you would hire me as your coach this year. But even if it's not me, I wholeheartedly believe that working together with a health and nutrition coach will make all the difference for you. So if I'm not your person, that's okay. Please reach out to me anyways, because I know a lot of coaches and I would be more than happy to get you connected to the right one, because I truly think it's the thing that will make all the difference for you. And if I am your person and you've been thinking about doing this, but you've been a little bit on the fence, I really encourage you to make sure you're on the email list get the 30% off code for the Healthy Mind Healthy Body Program. Go to Read about the program if you need to, but I think I've talked about it enough that you probably don't even need to join it. Get your 30% off. Let's do this together. This is going to be the best year yet. Okay, my friends until we talk again. Be Well

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