Winter Skin, Eczema, & Natural Skincare with Rene Bartosh, CEO & Founder of Pure & Coco

Winter Skin, Eczema, & Natural Skincare 
Rene Bartosh, CEO & Founder of Pure & Coco

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Dry, winter skin be gone!

I've got a special treat for you in this episode! I got to sit down and interview my friend Rene Bartosh with Pure & Coco skincare. Renee has an awesome story of dealing with eczema her whole life, and then figuring out how to solve her own problem by creating her own skincare products. Those products turned into a skincare line which now she sells online, in her own store in Montesano WA, and in several local stores.  

We also talk about the importance of the ingredients of the products that you're using on your skin, things that you want to make sure your products have and things that you want to make sure that your products leave out. Not all products are created the same and some things that you think should be helping you or should be safe for you probably aren't. So we got to have a really good conversation about what's safe and what's not the things you should look for and the things that you should avoid. 

Rene shares her best tips for protecting your skin and having healthy skin through the wintertime especially when most of our skin gets really dried out. I don't know about you, but for me, my skin gets super dry in the wintertime. I get dry, scaly, alligator looking skin. 

I've been using Pure and Coco product sugar scrub and moisturizer and I've got to say my skin is loving it! I have never had such moisturized, glowing amazing skin in the wintertime. Total game changer.  I highly encourage you to check out And then enjoy this interview and learn a lot about protecting your skin in the wintertime and keeping your skin and your body healthy all year long.


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Show Notes & Transcript: 

Full Transcript: 

Welcome back to the podcast my friends. I'm so glad you're here. I have a special treat for you today, I got to sit down and interview my friend Rene Bartosh with Pure & Coco skincare. Renee has an awesome story of dealing with eczema her whole life, and then figuring out how to solve her own problem by creating her own skincare products. Those products turned into a skincare line which now she sells online and all throughout the state of Washington, we got to talk about her journey of dealing with eczema and then printing her own company. And then also the importance of the ingredients of the products that you're using on your skin, things that you want to make sure your products have and things that you want to make sure that your products leave out. Not all products are created the same and some things that you think should be helping you or should be safe for you probably aren't. So we got to have a really good conversation about what's safe and what's not the things you should look for and the things that you should avoid. And then we also get to talk about some really good tips for protecting your skin and having healthy skin through the wintertime especially when most of our skin gets really dried out. I don't know about you, but for me my skin gets super dry in the wintertime. I get scaly, alligator skin. I've been using Pure and Coco product and I gotta say my skin is loving it. I have never had such moisturized, glowing amazing skin in the wintertime total game changer. So I highly encourage you to check out pure and all the links will be in the show notes. And then enjoy this interview and learn a lot about protecting your skin in the wintertime and keeping your skin and your body healthy all year long. Let's go

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Okay, how exciting, Rene, I'm so glad you're here to talk with all of us. So timely, too, because I'll tell you what my winter skin is kicking in. And things are getting very dry. So why don't you start by just telling us how you started your business pure and Coco how this all came about?

Yes. Um, so the winter skin is real here in Pacific Northwest the weather changed I swear overnight from 80 to 150. Yeah, it was. Yeah, it was that was pretty wild. Um, so I started pure cocoa officially in 2014. But the fall and winter before that, I had started experimenting with making products for my own skin. So backtrack that ever since growing up. All I can remember as a kid is dealing with eczema, red patches on my my hands specifically. They would get super flaky, they would dry they would crack you bleed. It was painful and embarrassing. Nobody else in my family at the time had that I was the unicorn of our family.

Not the unicorn you want to be.

So I dealt with that all growing up. And then fast forward to my husband and I are getting married in 2008 And then I had to have this awkward conversation with him because we got we started dating got married super fast. I wear lotion gloves to bed at night in the fall in the winter months, because my hands get so dry and the cracking to do and it kind of helped, but not really. So that was that was fine had awkward conversation. By the way, who later went away now that was going on for a few years. And then a couple years later, my husband is going to get his bachelor's degree in environmental science as a class that day about natural makeups and then how it he actually switched to natural makeup because the ingredients are really bad for the skin. And that could be making problems where so that kind of gave me a lightbulb moment, if you will.

Everywhere was it like Face Body hands, it was all over the place or certain places.

But typically it was on my hands. The worst. And then I have super sensitive, dry flaky skin on my face. So much so that I used to have to buy like this face or sensitive face moisturizer. Use on my face because out breakout super easy to also, again, my knees we get really bad to like knees. Elbows, I hear a lot. Yes, yeah. So your entire life, you're

trying all the things to do all the lotions, you probably tried every lotion on the shelf. And he goes and

it's like wait, one of the things that they talked about was like with the salmon. How microbeads that was super popular in products was actually really bad for the waterways because they were supposed to break down when using in the shower. But they weren't these tiny little plastic beads or bands now. Yeah, but they

are now banned. Why? Remember a lot of products have those.

Yeah, they were super popular because I think they were I think the idea was they're supposed to exfoliate. They ended up banning them. Probably good seven, eight years ago, but this fish will eat it. So that was another thing that I was like, well, let's switch to natural and just kind of like, okay, well, let me see what I can do. Because I was thinking, it's gonna be super expensive to like swap over and the big experiment of what's gonna work and what's not gonna work. So I started researching at my day job, I hated it anyway. No downtime. So I started looking into coconut oil, I had heard about coconut oil, I knew it was good. I've always had an interest in things that are natural. So it just started experimenting with that. And then I came up with one of the products that I have that I make now. I started using that. And I was like, gosh, my skin is so soft. This is crazy as possible. And then so I had nothing to lose. So I started using on my hands twice a day. And this was November. So it was like middle of winter, like the skin was at its worst. After about a month, one of my co workers noticed my skin was looking better. It was like, Hey, take this try real when other people notice, right? Yeah, cuz I was like, I was super self conscious before that. But when somebody noticed my skin had improved, I was compliment, but also light bulb moment, hey,

there's a few points that I just I love so much about your story. And it's number one that you just were like, I'm gonna figure this out and solve my own problem. Like that is so inspiring to me. And then also, that you were willing to stop all of the stuff that everyone says is supposed to work, and just researched and found the simplest thing that actually did work.

Yeah. And that made all the difference to and come to find out later like simplifying the ingredients and processes down near all the world of difference.

Can you tell me a bit about that the ingredients and and kind of what you found out about that.

So with coconut oil, so that's one of the main that's the moisturizer that I use in the product that I ended up making. So it's an organic cold pressed coconut oil and the reason why that's the best kind to use instead of like fractionated when it's cold pressed, it still has the vitamins and the nutrients still in the oil. It hasn't been overheated or stripped out or however, whereas fractionated oil doesn't have all the natural fatty acids or not acids, but the fat nutrients in it. So the whole presses are way better for your skin. Sugar is a good moisturizer for the skin, believe it or not, and it's super gentle. Yeah. So if you look at it under a microscope, it has rounded edges versus like salt. Salt has like 90 degree corners certain kinds of causes micro tears, it would have been excruciating if I had used it on my hands.

Okay, so wait but there are so many products out there that are salt scrubs, like that's definitely a thing. Yeah. And that's not good. That's not going to be helpful. Not

if you have dry eggs, eczema, sensitive skin, I would steer clear of those. Yeah, cuz he also was drying.

Uh huh. Yeah. logical sense.

Yeah. Yeah.

So the sugar, not just the shape of it, but the sugar itself is good for your skin,

when it ended up making it like it's called a moisturizing exfoliator. It's basically a moisturizing sugar scrub. So the sugar lifts the dead skin cells. And simultaneously, the coconut oil absorbs into the skin. So that was the other thing too. I tried to use coconut oil on its own, and it was not a good result. I will put it like oh my face. But my face is so dry. My skin was so dry, that it just wouldn't absorb it get into my eyes all day. It was just not it was sort of surface level

but not getting in to really do the work. Yeah. Okay. So then you were like, I need an exfoliator to.

Yes, yeah. And that made all the differences adding exfoliator into it. But again, not all, you know, there's like, different notch exfoliators and there's Oh, right. Apricot.

When we were young, yeah. See? Think about that. Now. Like, that is so hard. Why would I ever have done such a thing?

We're getting there. I know. Or another thing I always gravitate to. Ooh, smells good. Never thinking. What is actually going on?

So what is the smell? What is the smell? What is it? Yeah, yeah, that too.

That's kind of a catch all. Yeah. Yeah. And then essential oils. They smell really good. It keep it super clean and natural. That would say for anybody to use, but different essential oils just for the Senate. So it's a super light set to use what's really fresh and clean. And yeah.

Well and opposed to like artificial fragrance. I mean, I am one of those people who I absolutely get an immediate headache from different artificial fragrances. Like I can't do air fresheners in my house. I can't do stuff in my car. I can't do perfumes I have given away lotions, you know, you go in the store and all the smells and like ooh. And then I can't it is instant headache.

I've noticed too since switching to my own brand of skincare. Even just walking, maybe you've noticed is to just walking in front of those stores is enough to Yeah, I feel over.

Yeah, yeah. But the essential oils I have never had an issue with those don't affect me negatively. But the artificial fragrances absolutely do.

Yeah. And that's another thing too is companies legally do not have to spit list. What's inside of a fragrance. So it can be a catch all for who knows what

hundreds of ingredients. Yeah, hundreds and you would never know what they are. Nobody knows. And they don't have to tell you. Because it's like proprietary formula, right? Uh huh. Yikes. So, so you realized that for your own to solve your own problems, the ingredients really, really mattered. What you were actually putting on that skin was making a huge difference.

Yeah, it was, it was night and day difference. So when I was formulating I was like, What can I do with this so that way it can be used multiple different ways. That's another thing drives me nuts personally, is companies that will market Oh, you have to use this product for your neck and this product for your hands and this for your eyes. That's uh huh. So I I was experimenting with it. What can you do with it? What can I do with it? I'm just going to try it every which way and see what happens. I already knew that you can use coconut oil to remove I am makeup. Yeah, I do that. This works really good. I was like it takes off waterproof mascara. Really? Well. My knees are always itchy. I was like can I use it on my legs and shape my bit? Heck yeah, you can share with it so fun things so what how many

sort of iterations were there that you went through till you landed on like the winter

it was months and this was like a lot of start my day job it was at it was at a drive through a little box. We were the outcasts children in the bank. So I worked at the drive up window and I had one of those sliding doors. Put samples in the drawer and people let you know ahead of time they're coming. So I put it in the drawer

are not supposed to say that out loud is the thing. Okay, had like a group of ladies that you were like, Okay, try this one. Okay, try this one.

Yeah, yeah. And then I kept tweaking it to and I was like, how about this? What do you like, do you like this? Or do you like the other version better? And then when I originally was making it to I need it with lemon juice oil, like fresh foods, and I was like, that's not gonna last more than a couple of days. It's gonna go rancid. What are you gonna do instead? So it took a good couple of months to get it to the consistency of where it is now. And then same thing with like, with the cream with mango butter, which is also super good for eczema specifically, is that's, that took me two years to get it down to a science of how to work with it and to get the end results that everybody expects from a crane, which is see, yeah, it took some time. But I I didn't mind putting in the work and the effort if it was going to help, not just myself, but other people will find out.

Oh, wait, where are you? Like, I think I'm onto something here. I think I want this to be a business.

Almost, actually, when my coworker noticed, because I come from a family of entrepreneurs. So it's always kind of been on my radar, I guess you'd say that was really when I was like I'm on to something.

And so how long have you been like, using your own product then for your own zine? Your own dry skin?

The fall of 2013? Yes. And that's with daily consistent use, too.

Can you speak to that a little bit? Because I think that's, that's something we talked about in this podcast a lot is the little things that you're doing all the time adding up to the big result. That's what you found in skincare to?

Yeah, yeah. So that's how I still see it to this day. And it goes back to how you were saying with you got to be consistent with how you eat and your how you look at food and body image and all of that you can't some people are going to be in one of two lanes is you're either gonna see results quickly. And you're like, yes, and then I can ease off and I don't have to do it anymore, because I got the results that I wanted. And then it comes back.

It didn't pick I wonder why you stopped doing the thing that got you there.

Yeah, you're not being consistent. Or another lane for some people, which I just kind of in this lane, is they don't see results immediately or as fast as they want. So they give up. Yeah, if time.

I'll switch. I'll be like, well, two weeks. This isn't working switch to the next motion. Well, it's not working. Now switch to the next motion. That's been me for sure.

Yeah, sometimes it takes a little while. Sometimes it's other outlying factors like hormones, stress. You know, perimenopause, menopause, he could be all kinds of other outlying issues, though, too. But the big thing, though to is to look at when you're looking using skincare is like looking at the ingredients, and looking at how many ingredients there are, there's a couple things to like, stay away from specifically. Yeah, are you using like a quality product? So you're gonna, more likely you're gonna see results? Versus Buying something with? Not good ingredients? Yeah. So

if you want so staying the course for sure, but making sure the thing you're staying the course with is the right thing. Yes, yeah. What were some of those ingredients you mentioned a few specifically, you want to stay away from what would be some?

Yeah, with when it when it comes to lotions, a big thing that I see a lot is the first ingredient. So when it comes to just like your food, when or when it comes to your skincare products, you always don't just take whatever is face value on the front of the label, they're gonna say everything under the moon to sell it to you. And they are legally allowed to, yeah, but you gotta get savvy. And look at the ingredients listed on the back, you don't have to be a scientist to like, you can kind of just start to decipher, and there are apps that you can use also. But the three main things that you want to stay away from is water, or Aqua being the first ingredient because then the bulk of the product that you're paying for. So if you're buying a super expensive ingredient, product, and the first ingredient is water listed, that's what you're paying for. And then if that this magical ingredient is all the way at the bottom, there's not hardly any of it in there anyway, so you're not gonna see results that you're expecting. Another thing is alcohol, especially with dry eczema, sensitive, flaky skin. It's like you're looking for like anti aging, that's drying to the skin. And I've heard it so many times from different esthetician has actually worked with an esthetician at the bank that was giving out samples. But she, her and lots of other estheticians I've talked to you, they've always said moisture, age is better. So that's just something to do like if you can steer away from alcohol in the ingredients, because that's just going to aggravate your skin, especially if you have dry skin, especially this time of year. Those

are those are usually a top couple ingredients and alcohol ingredient and it has lots of names or just straight up waters. Yeah. I always joke with my with clients because they, the they'll be like oh well it's vegan. It's natural, right? It says right on the label. Well, that's because 97% of that product is actually just Water and guess what's organic water? You just bought 97% Organic water congratulate not gonna help you.

No, it's not it's not me with anything that you're looking for for it to help your skin with the waters not it's good free to drink it obviously but topically

find extremely drying the water, not even soaps or anything that I might use in there. Just the water is very drying.

It could be the water type too, that's interesting. Or though I know water temperature plays a role in it too. Yeah. Shower. Yeah, I'm trying to keep it fast so that we are not stripping your skin of the natural oils. That's something I've noticed. Or if you do just make sure you put on a moisturizer immediately afterwards. I like to say keep it super fast.

I have heard people suggest that just soaps in general are not a great thing. If you have eczema or really dry skin. What's your take on that?

Yes or no soaps, I could go on forever about soaps. So not all soaps are created. If for example, soft soap is awful run for the hills don't buy it might so for example, my husband is the opposite of me. He has oily skin. He can't even use soft soap because it makes his skin crack. I have super dry skin and it is awful for my skin. So if you can, if you can make your own soap, or if castile soap is really good, like you can make your own soap and you look for moisturizing ingredients in it. That can really help you want to look for something that has a moisturizer in it. That makes a huge difference. Castile soap is a good option. Everybody's different. So some people do have to stay away from soap. I noticed I had to be careful and just pay attention to what soaps work and what don't. For a while there. I was making my own soaps because I was just so tired of my I could feel it stripping my skin every time I wash my hands especially this time here. Yeah, it's already so dry out. And then my daughter who takes after me unfortunately, I've noticed the same thing with her. Like I have to be super careful what soaps I use on her. So yeah, that's just a personal thing. But I think you can still use soaps just look for moisturizer is built into like Coco coconut oil is a good one. Castile soaps usually a good one. You can buy those foaming bottles. The tiniest little bit of Castile soap in the bottom and fill it up with water. Oh, that's a good idea. Yeah, and it's super cheap. You can buy castile soap pretty much everywhere you buy a bar Yeah, yeah and liquid form so that's a good option. Just make sure it has a coconut oil in it. So Stevenson is a good brand.

Okay, can you so I don't actually have eczema but I do have an autoimmune disorder and because of that, dry skin is one of the side effects and I know for a lot of people that will listen more my autoimmune disorder is very common. A lot of us have it. There's probably not anything specifically autoimmune but just in terms of dry skin. Like if I came to you and I was like It's dry, it's just really dry. What do I do What would be like your top tips.

That's usually what people come to me and say I have dry skin would you recommend so picking looking at the back of the ingredients and looking same way for those three ingredients so the water, the alcohol and the fragrances don't use anything with those and make sure you're putting on moisturizers with mango butter. I always recommend mango butter is amazing for the skin. Especially on like the hands it repels water. So like rain experience. I use it in my creams and that calms dry, itchy skin, instantly stays on all day. And then looking into like a good exfoliator with like a moisturizer built into it. So what I what my routine is for like, just like the dry patches on my skin is use a good exfoliator with a moisturizer built into it. alcohol free witchhazel is a good idea to use it helps to tighten the pores can help strap the moist drain. And then

you do the exfoliation and then the witchhazel like this spray.

Yeah. On your face, neck, chest hands because all those areas show signs of aging.

Yes. And especially.

Yeah, and then I noticed you like people don't pay so much attention to their face but the nests their neck and their chest. But those also show signs.

Yes, or even like they'll go like you know lots of ladies get like the Botox and the fillers and the lifting and the things and then it's like, but you did what about your hands, your chest like those still up? Even though you're so everywhere, so exfoliate witchhazel mango butter which is

on the face, the neck, and the chest and then the moisturizer. face, neck chest. But the exfoliator in the moisturize you can there's depending on like the ones that I make use of head to toe base included.

I love that about that product that because it's five and one right? I can use it all the places.

Yes. So that was just to simplify things for people so that we don't have to go out and buy 15 different products and have a 20 step skincare routine every single who's gonna keep up with that. Not very many people. So just simple is better. For dry. Even if you don't have eczema, like you're saying like you just have dry skin. This those tips will help everybody with dry flaky skin just doing that and being super consistent, at least once a day, if not twice a day, get it on every single day. And then another big thing too, especially this time of year is putting on layers, like wear gloves when you grow side scars, because you want to protect the skin on your neck and your chest. So that way the moisture doesn't get stripped out from the air.

Okay, just from elements. And the same thing with

heaters. We got car heaters blasting on you fast drying your skin out.

Okay, I think most people I don't really think about those things. That's interesting. That's probably a lot of things that most people don't really think about.

It's things I've learned along the way because I always grew up with like, what's Joe's pellet stoves and I would always stay in front of them because I was always cool. I guarantee you it made my skin way worse. But yeah, those are things today. Anybody can do with dry skin.

Okay, interesting. So, so not only what you're putting in your body, not only what you're putting on your skin, but also just like what you're exposing do we always talk about like, oh, wear sunscreen, you know, sun's gonna give you wrinkles but the cold will give you

the biggest takeaway moisturize skin ages better? I've heard that from lots of estheticians over the years, not just the one that I was working I was going

to ask you anti aging secrets but I think it's I mean moisturizing is like God number one, right? Super, super quality.

So look at the ingredients listed on the back, mango butter, coconut oil, make sure it's cold pressed. Shea butter is good option. Make sure it's like in the top couple of ingredients to not like that. Yes. Because the higher up the list those ingredients are the more potent it is with those ingredients. Because I can remember I used to use like cocoa butter and I was like this doesn't work at all I was all hyped up well because it was made it wasn't natural one and then

this tiny bit. Yeah, I think there's like always that perception that we have like there's two there's two kinds of to me skincare shoppers there's the one that's like, well I went to Target and it was on the shelf so it must be good for me right? That must mean it's fine if it's in Target or there's like the well I bought the fancy $300 eye cream and it's gonna fix my life. And I find both of those people end up really missing the boat a lot of times yes, because that's not the important thing that you bought it at Target does not mean it's safe and that you pay $300 does not mean it's good.

Yeah, they are there is a lot of fillers and then very little of the active ingredients or the ingredients of skin I do wonders for your skin. Again if it's at the very bottom of this a mile long list of ingredients don't even bother

it's worth doing a little bit of research into what you're actually using. Because it is important what goes on your skin if it goes on your skin it goes in your body and do I really want all those random gross things that I don't know what they are and my body

turns to and accumulates yeah absolutely does absorbing your thinking out it doesn't matter.

It very much does for your systemic health not just how your skin looks on the outside but how your whole body is working. Ingredients matter Yes. So important I'm so glad we haven't talked about ingredients a lot on this podcast I'm so glad we're having that conversation. The the course that I teach the Healthy Mind Healthy Body program we have a whole module about ingredients in there. Yeah, but yeah, for some reason I've just never addressed it here but this is so timely because I got dry winter skin dry, autoimmune winter skin happening. Already got some things in my cart to buy from your store. Can you tell us how do we how do we find out more about you about pure and cocoa about your products? How do we find all the things

you can hop over to my website? It's pure inch social media like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest at pure and Coco. And then there's a skincare quiz skin type quiz you can take that's also on my website. It's free. You just take it you just answer a couple fun questions based on what your skin type is like currently, and then they'll give you a suggestion of products that would be good for your skin. Talking about that. And then there's stores. There's one in Maple Valley Tahoma. Living, they carry some of the products. So that's close to me. Any of your Yeah, any of your local people or

you have several locations in in Washington that carries? Yeah. And then they can everyone can go on your website and buy online as well. Yes, perfect. And I saw that you also have a blog that was really informative. So if anybody wants to check out that blog,

just go to pure and And then on the main page, if you scroll down a little bit, there'll be you'll see that for the latest three, there's a wealth of information and formative stay, I have this going on what what do you have to say about that?

What are kind of your best sellers, you know, the things that everyone goes and gets from your store? What's the main things

my biggest sellers are in the moisturizing exfoliators, the the the sugar scrubs. So the the peppermint, tangerine are the top sellers, vanilla and lavender are close second, third, or I should say third, fourth. My personal favorites are the marjoram, which most people don't know what marjoram is. It's like a soothing spa scent. And along the along which smells like white, those are my favorites. And then for the Karim's, it just depends on the day really, they also really well, people really like those, so you use it in tandem with the exfoliator. So you get the best results for again, if you just have dry skin, it's fabulous. Or if you have eczema skin,

that's awesome. Okay, so if you want to shop and check out pure and Coco go to pure and

You don't have to overcomplicate it or stress yourself out thinking I have to do all this XY and Z. It's actually pretty simple. If you just make it a part of your routine with our fall winter skin that we are whether that we have no

Yeah, that's one of the things that I love about what you've done is that you just sort of made it simple. I am all about less steps. And making it simple, simple process, I am here for it. So just exfoliate, use your little toner, you're a little witch hazel and then put on your moisturizer. You have all those things right there on your website, any exposure

to make sure it's a sugar with a moisturizer, moisturizer, swap out all your soaps, just do it all at once commanded off, and then take a look at your load. Like take a look at your current skincare products that you're using. And if it's like a bunch of ingredients that you like, I mean, donate them or get rid of them. Yeah,

well, and you know, I think a lot of us are like, Oh, it sounds expensive to do all of this. It's actually not at all get rid of the junky soaps, that bottle of Castile soap that you were talking about isn't not expensive at all. And if you're putting it in the pumper thing, yeah, it's I mean, you'll get months and months out of that bottle. Yeah. And then your products are super affordable. You really only need like the two main ones, the exfoliator and the moisturizer. And those you can use all over your body, in your face in your hands. Like really is actually cost cutting not more expensive.

It absolutely is. Especially when you swap it out for all the other products that you wouldn't normally have to buy. It is in long term and short term. It's better for your skin's health to

and your body cells to Yeah, better for aging better for skin health better for body health better for longevity. I mean, all of those things work together your

confidence to Yeah,

right. I want to be like 75 years old and be like look at my gorgeous.

It's my my 91 year old grandmother was able to do

that then Right? Oh, wait, yeah. Tell us about your 91 year old grandma. Oh, so

the creams that I make now I originally made them for her. She had eczema. She used to wear these white gloves. People thought she was so classy cuz she was wearing these gloves all the time. But it was really petite because she was embarrassed by the way her hands like she was so self conscious. Yeah, she's buying this lotion from a local store. It's a chain store nationwide. And she's like it works kind of whatever it's like no, I'll make you something because her skin was paper thin so she couldn't use the even though sugar. She couldn't use the exfoliators I'll make something for you. So that's where the creams came in. I ended up meeting it too but it was for her originally the exome or sorry, the mango bio was specifically for it calms dry eczema skin, but it also plumps the skin which is an added bonus. So I'm in the glow. So it's just a nice, it's when you switch to natural, it makes it cute. It's just kind of a snowball effect in a good way. Yes, she was able to stop wearing her gloves in her skin looks amazing people complimented her on her skin and she'd been she would brag in her nursing home. Hi, grandma, my granddaughter made this. Oh my gosh, I love it. Yeah. So that's how that got started. But um,

isn't it so funny? Like, sometimes the seemingly smallest things are just the ability for her to feel confident in how her hands looked changed everything.

Yeah. And she was 31.

I love, love, love that. And it's the it's the truth for all of us. Sometimes it's the smallest things that can make the biggest difference for us. I mean, overcoming Eczema is no small thing. But

that's an ongoing, there's no, there's no cure for that. People get that.

Right. I like in all of the things that we talked about in this podcast, including skincare eczema care, dry skin care. It's like a membership, right? It only works if you actually go, yes. We actually do things. Yeah. Awesome. That's such a good conversation. Thank you so much for being here. For those of you listening, I'm going to make sure all of her links are posted all over the show notes and they'll be on my website as well. So make sure you head over there. I'll put them in social media. Find pure and Coco follow them. Check out the website, check out the products, there's probably some holiday things coming up that you're gonna want to make sure you are aware of. Yes.

So people on the newsletter, you can sign up for text alerts, so we get notified, or we take this skin type quiz. It'll collect your email out and then I'll let you know that way also,

okay. So get on your email list so that you know when the sales are coming out. Yes, yeah. Perfect. I think this is going to be a very large holiday gifting. Purchase for me. I feel like everyone needs to try this. Okay, awesome. Thank you so much for being here. And thanks for having

me. Absolutely.

Hey, friends, thanks so much for being here. If you found value in today's episode, will you do me a favor and head over to iTunes? Find the no nonsense wellness podcast and subscribe and leave me a review. It would mean the world to me and help other people find the show. And I'd love to connect with you more. So find me on Instagram. I'm @tarafaulmann. Take a screenshot of this episode and share it in your stories and tag me. I'll see you over there.

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