Healthy Holidays!

Discover how to stay on track with your weight loss and wellness goals during the holidays WITHOUT diets, stress, or guilt!

With Nutrition and Wellness Coach, 
Tara Faulmann, MFT, PNL1
If you're worried about weight gain, stress eating, and overeating during the holidays, then this Masterclass is for you!
Thursday November 17 

The holidays can be stressful!  

We put so many expectations on ourselves: creating the "perfect" experience for everyone, getting everything just right, attending and hosting all the events.  When we're "supposed" to be happy we're often missing loved ones, and dealing with unresolved relationship issues.  
Add to that all the FOOD and DRINKS that are ever present and available, and it's a recipe for disaster.  No wonder that the average American gains 8 lbs over the holiday season! 
And worse, most of us don't lose it later.  

But THIS YEAR can be different, this year you'll have a plan. 

In this Masterclass you'll learn



Let's talk emotional eating, stress eating and overeating:
  • why does it happen?
  • why is it especially tough during the holidays?
  • how do you deal with the stress and overwhelm of the holidays WITHOUT turning to food?
  • stop turning to diets you hate to stay on track, there's a better way!



Let's talk about your body, food, and stress:
  •  how does stress during the holidays affect your body, weight loss, and health?
  • how does food choice affect your cravings?
  • what can you do to work WITH your body during this time and not against it?



All the knowledge is great but you need to take action to get results.
  • Daily skills and tools to use and practice
  • Simple strategies you can employ right now
  • Actionable steps that fit into your life and your needs
  • create your own plan based on your needs

For just $37 you could walk away with a solid, personalized plan to get through the holidays without stress eating, overeating, and weight gain.  No crazy diets, counting or measuring required.

Real Clients, Real Thoughts

"Tara's program and resources are really and truly like finding a friend in the journey. She is honest, accessible and relatable so you walk away feeling encouraged instead of deflated by one more program that is too much to follow. The challenge met me in the midst of 'weary homeschool mom' life and gave fresh breath and support. Thank you, Tara!"


Healthy Mind, Healthy Body Client
"Tara is truly the REAL DEAL! When she says this is a "No Nonsense Wellness Program" she means it! Tara is honest, well versed in her field and is someone I can trust to the fullest when it comes to my overall health and well being. Love this girl to pieces! ."


Healthy Mind, Healthy Body Client

Hi, I’m Tara! 
I'm a former therapist turned nutrition and wellness coach who helps women get OFF the diet roller-coaster and end stress and emotional eating.  
What started as a desire to heal my own crappy relationship with food, my relationship with my body, and an autoimmune disorder, turned into a mission to help other women achieve the same freedom I had found.  
Now I create programs, coaching and a podcast to help you get unstuck and move you forward. I create and share the solutions that I wish I had, so that you can get lasting results way faster than I did.  
You deserve to feel amazing in your own skin, to feel healthy, vibrant, and energetic. You deserve the amazing, not just the good enough.  I want to show you how.💗 

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